Partner Marketing Academy

A successful partner ecosystem depends on end-to-end modern marketing guidance

Our Partner Marketing Academy trains the world’s largest and most innovative partner ecosystems.

What is the Partner Marketing Academy?

The Partner Marketing Academy is an invite-only program designed to equip partners with modern marketing techniques and accelerate demand generation and sales motions. The program includes a partner self-assessment, up to three training modules professionally hosted and facilitated by Bridge Partners, and a lead gen "ride along," where we work directly with your partners, supporting their campaign execution. 

Our Proven Process

Marketing Maturity Assessment
We provide your partners with a self-assessment, analyze the results, and recommend training based their maturity.
Modern Marketing Training
Your partners complete the Partner Marketing Academy modules identified through the assessment cycle.
Lead Gen and Nurture Execution
We advise your partners on the optimal lead gen and nurture strategies, and execute the program together.

Partner Marketing Academy

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"One of the biggest advantages of using Bridge Partners to manage the training process was that I didn’t have to spend any time or energy on course correction—a real testament to their absolute professionalism."

Terry H / Senior Project Manager

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