Sales & Channel

Disruptive market forces are changing the way businesses sell and customers buy.

The move to the cloud, new digital tools, channel diversification, and workforce mobility are all having a fundamental impact on today’s selling and buying processes. To remain competitive in the market and relevant with customers, the modern enterprise must continually evolve its sales and channel motions.

Companies that succeed are those that face disruptive forces without blinking. This means proactively retooling ‘direct-to-customer,’ ‘through-partner,’ and ‘with-partner’ sales motions. Forward-thinking sales leaders are taking a holistic look at sales and channel strategy, as well as sales enablement, planning, and execution. The payoff? More predictable business results.

Whether you are a household name in your industry that needs to refine your end-to-end sales operating model or a start-up looking for senior sales or channel leadership experience, we can help you define your most effective route to market, attract the right partners, and build innovative, sustainable sales programs.


Sales Strategy, Planning, & Execution

To win in a competitive marketplace, your business needs a true north and your sellers need a compass. We’ll help you understand your industry and buyers, and we’ll work with you to translate a winning strategy into an actionable sales and channel road map.

Modern Channel Strategy

Without a vision of how to leverage the changing ecosystem and adapt your route to market, your business is stuck in neutral. We can help you get in gear by crafting a scalable and effective channel strategy tailored for your business model.

Sales & Channel Operations

Building the infrastructure to support revenue performance is no easy task. We can help you fine-tune your sales operations by clarifying goals and roles, establishing field and partner performance benchmarks, and aligning incentive plans to business priorities.

Sales & Partner Enablement

Your success depends on how ready, willing, and able your sellers and partners are to execute against your vision. Our team can help you craft effective readiness programs and compelling collateral to demonstrate and articulate customer business value. We will partner with you to develop the integrated sales and partner programs that land your value proposition and drive results.

Client Perspectives

"I really appreciate your focus and ability to help our partners through tough scenarios during the onboarding process."

Alex J / Senior Strategy Analyst

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Modernize your workplace

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We help leading companies optimize partner business strategies with multiple partners and activate them faster for better results.

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