Strategy Alignment

Business strategies mean nothing if employees don’t interpret and act on them in similar ways. We help companies build strategic plans, ensure leaders are aligned, and communicate how teams contribute to achieving them.

Alignment & Execution Assessment

“We’re not hitting our objectives effectively.” 

Assess how leaders and teams interpret business strategies and act against them. The main question is not whether leaders know company strategy, but their degree of alignment in understanding, approach, and execution. Through 1:1 interviews, custom surveys, and focus group theming, we assess current and desired future states and the business impact of gaps between them.

Leadership Team Facilitation

“I need my leadership to perform—not storm.” 

Understand how aligned leaders are in strategic understanding and execution, and improve how they work together to achieve results. Leveraging direct feedback from individuals and teams, we design and deliver customized workshops that result in shared awareness and commitments. Workshops may be followed by work-stream planning and management plus 1:1 leadership coaching.

Strategy Mapping

“We have to be proactive—not reactive—to succeed.” 

Help leaders build or refine their business strategies and develop and drive consensus on the tools and processes needed to execute them. Starting with a one-page strategic roadmap, we help you define key performance indicators, business rhythm, execution, and risk mitigation plans.

Execution Planning

“Our employees aren’t following where we’re going.” 

Turn strategy mapping into tangible measures and practical implementation plans. Developing scorecards for what success looks like and defining operational requirements are critical first steps. We help you communicate how your teams contribute to achieving objectives and define a rhythm to review, realign, and readjust your strategy.