Organizational Design

The business world has changed—so has the way people work together most productively. We partner with leaders to create structures and roles that help people engage, collaborate, and innovate in the modern workplace.

Organizational Assessment

“Our industry and business are in upheaval.” 

Uncover the strategic drivers and operational norms motivating your potential organizational realignment and design. Consisting of thorough internal and external analysis, we assess current state organizational structures, business processes, stakeholder perspectives, and talent demographics to recommend directions for the future state.  

Organization Design

“We have to work differently to keep up and hit our goals.” 

Create a “to-be” organizational model and the processes and measures needed to ensure the model supports your strategic goals. We partner with you to define future state priorities and develop criteria that underpin an effective design. Then we help you define operating processes and performance measures to ensure an efficient end-state.

Role Design & Talent Mapping

“We need people doing the right things to compete.” 

Define key organizational roles and align the right talent to them. Starting with a role framework, we help you identify key accountabilities, competencies, and metrics. We then help you assess and map individuals to appropriate roles. Onboarding, development, and HR process planning establish the support needed to ensure success.

Work Design

“We have to work smarter and come up with new ideas.”

Define the infrastructure needed for key organizational capabilities. 

Analyzing work and information flow and existing processes, tools, and systems provides insight into changes needed for optimal execution. Strategies and tools for knowledge capture and transfer, collaboration, and innovation ensure sustainability and competitiveness short- and long-term.