Culture Design

The best-laid strategies and structures collapse when words and actions undermine them. We work with companies to define how they want people to act, what they want them to experience, the stories they want them to tell, and the tools to reinforce them.

Culture Assessment

“How we work gets in the way of getting things done!” 

Go beyond defining a vision, mission, and values to assessing the common experiences employees typically have and how they behave as a result. We help you evaluate the degree of alignment between current business operations and desired cultural attributes and identify opportunities for change.

Culture Modeling

“We need employees to ‘be’ our brand.” 

Define a desired end-state culture and the practical operations and actions needed to embody it. We partner with you to define business practices, policies, programs, and priorities that spell out desired behaviors and results, and turn your aspirational culture into reality.

Employee Journeys & Personas

“We have to treat our employees like customers.” 

Turn a lens of deep customer reach and engagement expertise on your employees. Our unique approach defines the desired actions you want employees to take, the experiences you want them to have, and the stories you want them to tell about your company. We help you identify key tools, touchpoints, and processes to create long-term loyalty and meaning.

Reinforcement Tools

“We want to capture the hearts and minds of our employees.” 

Inform, engage, and reward employees for embracing and embodying your desired culture. From surveys to communications to recognition, we partner with you to create a holistic and modern approach and practical strategies and tools that ensure employees understand the desired culture and are motivated to act.