Change Management & Capability

Mobilizing and adapting to rapid and constant change is key to survival in the modern marketplace. We provide a structured and integrated approach that helps organizations and individuals transition from where they are to where they need to be and to develop critical change capabilities—minimizing time, intensity, and impacts to engagement and productivity.

Organization Alignment

“There are lots of things going on and people involved” 

Focus on evaluating and preparing for change. Securing leader and stakeholder engagement is a primary goal. Diagnosing and mitigating change saturation, impact, and risk are key components. We help you apply hard and soft data to create change strategies that ensure awareness, adoption, and results.

Process Optimization

“How we work has to change for this change to work” 

Assess and outline the impact of change on as-is processes and any re-engineering needed.  We apply deep expertise in process analysis to map key actions, accountabilities, metrics, and contingencies. Gaps between current and desired end states are prioritized and resolved through process re-design or risk mitigation.


“Rumor mills are deadly. We need to get work done!” 

Create the strategy, content, and tactics for engaging employees in change. An inventory of current state vehicles, preferences, and content access identifies opportunities for leverage and innovation. We draw on deep marketing expertise to create messaging frameworks, campaign designs, listening channels, and leadership action plans to ensure they stick.


“We can’t afford big hits in engagement or productivity.” 

Assess how prepared stakeholders are to understand and adopt change while establishing the approach and tools to support them. Identifying training needs and designing onboarding are critical first steps. We then help define and apply scorecards to measure readiness, adoption, and ROI to ensure efforts are effective and that strategic objectives are met.

Maturity & Governance

“I’m not sure we’re ready to handle all this change.” 

Assess people, process, and technology maturity to prioritize investments and establish a consistent approach to managing change (particularly new or complex initiatives with diverse stakeholders and work streams). We help you measure and establish the infrastructure, sponsorship, methodology, release cycles, training, and network engagement needed for success.

Capability Assessment & Development

“We know how to run a business—this is different.” 

Analyze and increase change capabilities at every organizational level. Help your leaders understand and embrace their roles and responsibilities as key drivers of change, and your employees increase their change agility. We partner with you to establish coaching, competencies, training, and toolkits so your leaders and employees can effectively sponsor and excel at change.