Change Analytics

Data helps executives make smart decisions and execute solid plans. Using a combination of facts and perception, we help leaders assess the scope and impact of the change they face to make grounded business decisions.

Impact & Risk Analysis

“I don’t actually know how disruptive this change will be.” 

Assess the scope and magnitude of anticipated change and determine what type of management and resources are needed. Workforce and stakeholder analysis are the primary focus. We also map findings into change management, risk mitigation, and staffing plans to increase the likelihood of success.

Heat Maps

“There is so much going on—I’m worried this won’t land.” 

Gather insight into the volume and effects of change across a business unit, organization, or enterprise. An audit of existing projects and initiatives occurring at the same time results in a change saturation map. We use this data to inform a change strategy and risk mitigation and refinement plans to ensure your change initiatives launch and land as they should.

Social Network Analysis

“We have to be smart about who we involve and how.” 

Identify perceived and actual influencers in your organization and determine how and when to engage them in change. Leveraging deep expertise in marketing and digital demand generation, we identify critical attributes and connection points and leverage modern methods and channels to engage key personas in change.

Metrics Strategy & Tools

“We aren’t changing for the sake of change—we need ROI.” 

Pinpoint the outcomes needed to prove the value of change and define the resources necessary to track them. We map key quantitative and qualitative performance indicators into dashboards and scorecards. These plus a RACI defining accountabilities create a robust framework to drive and assess the impacts of change.