Campaigns, Content & Customer

Companies who don’t plan for multi-touch, multi-platform buying processes are playing roulette with their marketing efforts. With intelligent campaigns and a long-term view of customer lifecycles, we’ll partner with you to create meaningful value for your buyers.

Campaign Design & Analytics

“I’ve got 6 products, 16 sales cycles, and 60 markets…”

Your marketing programs need to generate sales momentum for the right product mix, through the right channels, and at the right margins. End-to-end thinking is critical for successful marketing programs that align across all of your business objectives. Our market-tested approach includes a depth of planning and attention to detail that creates comprehensive, highly effective campaigns.

Full Funnel Content Marketing

“I hear a lot about content marketing, but isn’t that expensive and labor intensive?” 

Content marketing doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. Most companies are sitting on a goldmine of information that could take shape as a full-funnel content marketing program. With our highly effective and efficient approach to multi-platform content marketing and a dash of creativity, we’ll help you build cross-channel buyer engagement with your core IP.

Social, Lifecycle & Advocacy

“How do we monetize the mutually beneficial relationships we build with customers?” 

Often a company’s best source of new sales prospects are their existing customers. But trying hard to keep current buyers happy isn’t enough. You have to create and enable advocacy to reap the benefits of satisfied customers. We’ll help you build a lifecycle management program that creates advocates and incents them to generate new leads.