Ksenija Pergar

Sr. Consultant II / Seattle

Ksenija  Pergar

Ksenija is a senior project manager with 20+ years of experience in business and marketing management in the IT and travel industries. Throughout her career, Ksenija has successfully managed complex marketing projects while adeptly solving problems across multiple functional teams and geographies. She is passionate about building relationships, supporting teams, and enabling them to achieve results.

Born and raised in Slovenia, Ksenija has worked and lived in many places in Europe and the United States. When she moved with her husband to Seattle in 2006, she interrupted a successful career in the travel industry, not realizing, at the time, the doors that would be opened to boundless new experiences. Upon arriving in the Northwest, she began consulting at Microsoft. She appreciates the freedom she has to leverage her creativity and resourcefulness. Her understanding of world cultures continues to serve her well as she works with diverse teams.

Ksenija currently lives in the Seattle area with her family. She’s an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys travelling around the world, but also loves finding peace in her garden of flowers.

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