Jane Stander

Sr. Consultant II / Seattle

Jane Stander

Jane is a business programs and operations manager with experience in senior engagement levels of readiness, project/program management, and content publishing disciplines across a range of products and services. She has proven success in matrixed relationship development with both internal and external customers and partners.

Most of her career in the U.S. over the past 16+ years has been with Microsoft, both as an FTE and in consulting roles. First coming to the U.S. to study in Utah, Jane pursued career opportunities in California and Florida before taking up more permanent residence in Seattle. Born and raised in Brazil, she spent her professional years before coming to the U.S. in the academic space as a school director for ESL programs and teaching forensic argumentation techniques for the freshman year of law school.

When not working with clients, Jane spends her time with her husband and 13-year-old daughter. They enjoy sightseeing together along the beaches and in the mountains of Washington and Oregon. Every year, they travel to Brazil or visit other international destinations to learn about new cultures and historical places. At home, they speak English, Portuguese, and conversational Spanish and have plans to add Italian.

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