Darren Shon

Managing Director / Bay Area

Darren Shon

Darren is a seasoned executive who has spent nearly two decades helping companies drive transformation and maximize value. He joined Andersen Consulting at the age of 20 and has been leading high-profile, mission-critical business transformation projects in the Bay Area ever since. With a background in business transformation and organizational change, Darren knows what it takes to get a project over the finish line. 

After spending over a decade at Andersen/Accenture, Darren built one of the Bay Area’s leading consultancies, Ulixes Consulting, from the ground up. Serving Silicon Valley’s biggest clients, he brought together talented and experienced professionals to provide top-tier consulting services. His emphasis on client service eventually led him to Bridge Partners, where he now leads our Bay Area practice.

In his free time, Darren can often be found rooting for his hometown sports teams, chasing his dog Wesley, and spending time with his wife and newborn baby—sometimes all at the same time.

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