Anne-Marie Lowe

Sr. Consultant II /

Anne  Marie  Lowe

Anne-Marie Lowe is a technical program manager with more than two decades of experience in helping companies launch transformative initiatives. Prior to joining Bridge Partners, she worked at AT&T in product development, including national product launches of the AT&TApp Store and Beats Music. She also represented the company in an international cross-carrier API initiative (WAC) and delivered the first cloud-based mobility network component on AT&T Integrated Cloud (AIC).

Her previous work as a business and technology consultant helped Fortune 500 companies deliver mission-critical projects, design complex billing and customer systems, execute SOX 404 audits, and resuscitate drowning projects. Those she has worked for include Schlumberger Limited, Stores Orange SARL, Verizon, Bell Canada, Nuance Communications, and Western Wireless International.

Anne-Marie holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and economics from the University of Washington. She avidly promotes participation in local and national elections, works to make STEM inviting to girls, and travels in pursuit of art, culture, and adrenaline.

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